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Do you want to share your experience at Pasta Max?  Be sure to submit a testimonial through our email at  Thank you for visiting our restaurant.

A friend and local of McDonough brought myself and my daughters (from West Palm Beach, FL) to your restaurant while on vacation in Georgia.  I loved everything about your restaurant, the atmosphere, the lovely brick and painted wood ceilings.  The food was delicious and the young server we had was very good.  We were there for lunch and I had the grilled chicken sandwich which was not at all what I had expected.  I expected one piece of meat on the Foccacia bread, but was pleasantly surprised that it was not.  It was delicious and tasteful along with the cheese pizza my daughters ate.  Now that I've tried a few items on the menu, I can't wait to try the rest.  All the more reasons to stop at the city of McDonough and bring my husband along.  I know he will love the quaint comfy atmosphere.  I hope to sit in the window table next time, what a cute little spot for a table.

- Kristina from West Palm Beach


We so wish your restaurant were in Tulsa, Oklahoma....came across it on our vacation....the food was some of the best Italian we have ever eaten.  The salmon and agnolotti were wonderful, as was the whole experience.

- Dr. Cynthia M. Murphy


I visit McDonough frequently and dying to visit your restaurant.  Menu looks great but would love to see an online wine list.  Hope to c you soon.

- Felicia Terrell


We've eated at Pasta Max for years and love the food.  The lasagna is wonderful and the pecan crusted chicken is spectacular, but I have recently had someone recommend the Stuffed Eggplant Parmesan and can't wait to try it.  The chicken fettuccini is also a favorite.  The restaurant doesn't have a lot of seating which is the only problem I see.  It's worth the wait though.

- Evelyn


My wife and I have been fans of Doug and Pasta Max since it first opened in Stockbridge....wonderful!  I've fed many, many people our Pasta Max's favorites at catered meals, and there are always requests for more!  Here's to many, many more years of wonderful meals!

- Duane Kline


I love this restaurant.  Maggiano's used to be my favorite Italian spot but Pasta Max surpasses it by a million plus!  The mussels here are outstanding and every dish I've had, has always been great!  If you've never been, try their agnolotti or seafood dish.  They also have a pretty good wine selection.  I've taken family & friends here and everyone is always very impressed.

- Ms. Cristy


The first time I ate at Pasta Max was in September 2010.  I wanted a pizza, but not a typical pizza.  I recently relocated from an area where my food choices have been not only vast, but ecclectic.  I wanted a hand-made, spinach, onion, and black olive pizza.  I searched all over the southern Atlanta area and happened upon Pasta Max.  It was soooo good to find you and your magnificent recipes.  Recently, I had your Veal Marsala and it was delicious (and enough for two meals).  Keep up the fantastic work and I'll keep bringing my out of town friends to my favorite McDonough restaurant.  See you soon!

- Ms. Zenzele


The food at Pasta Max is ALWAYS delicious, and you sure get your money's worth.  We have tried several things on the menu and have always been pleased.  I have NEVER eaten any better strawberry cheesecake anywhere.  My husband has traveled to Rome on more than one occassion and he says the food at Pastamax is better than any he has ever gotten in Rome.  This place just can't be beat.  Service is always great and we love the atmosphere.

- Janet


S-h-h-h.  Don't tell everybody about Pasta Max.  It's one of those secrets you want to keep to yourself, it's so good.  Doug Zitz is a master at anything he prepares.  It is hard to choose a favorite dish, but I am partial to his spaghetti, any fresh fish special, his vegetable risotto, eggplant parmagian, angel hair pasta, you get the idea.

There is not a better restaurant in Atlanta area for the value you receive.  The wait staff is always friendly, and has time for you, even when they are very busy.  This is one place you can be proud to call a McDonough staple.

- Stacey


Have followed Pasta Max from Hwy 138 (both locations) to the McDonough Square and am so glad they have stood the test of time.  Excellent food, FRESH food, ALWAYS the best.  One of just a handful of places I know I will never be disappointed.

- mom2jsl


Pasta Max Cafe has been one of our most favorite restaurants for over 15 years.  Doug Zitz is simply an amazing Chef.  I can say this is one of the very best restaurants in Metro Atlanta.  Buon Apetito!

- Gad & Lynn Woodall


I was in the area and tried this place out of curiosity.  No regrets.  The food presentation is very nice and the food taste is GREAT.  I keep telling my friends about it looking for any excuse to go back since it's out of my way.

- Veronica


I love this place.  I have tried all over Henry County and you j ust can not beat this place.  A little small and hard to get in sometimes but it's worth the wait I promise.

- Sheryl Miller


We have never had a bad meal at Pasta Max.  The soups are very, very good.  The pizzas will satisfy children and adults if you are wanting comfort food.  This is without a doubt one of, if not the best sit down place in McDonough.  While its nice to keep some places a secret and all to "ourselves", many are missing a great diamond in the rough.

- Paul


We truly enjoyed our experience with our first visit to Pasta Max.  The service was great and the food was excellent.  It is the closest we have come to true Italian food since we were in Florence, Italy.  The only thing different was I could understand the language.

- Owen and April


Without a doubt, Pasta Max is the best Italian restaurant in all of Atlanta.  Their food will rival any 5 star restaurant in Atlanta and anywhere.  The menu is diverse and their prices are very reasonable, the waitstaff is wonderful, and the food is delectable.  More and more people from North Atlanta and Buckhead need to venture down south and visit McDonough, GA where they will find a "Piece of Italian Heaven".  It will not only satisfy your palate, but your wallet as well.  The chef, Doug, is a magician in the kitchen.  With a degree from the best culiinary school (Culinary Institute of America) in the USA, I am thankful that he's settled so close to my home.  On a 1 to 10 scale with 10 being the best, Pasta Max is an "11".

- Doug Lozel


I have eaten at Pasta Max dozens of times.....and the food, service, and atmosphere is top notch; classy enough to take a serious date (I'm taking the Love of My Live there tonight), and casual enough for lunch after shopping.

- Alan


My wife and I had an early Valentine's Day dinner last night.  Absolutely loved the meal!  Thanks!

- Chad Dietz


My husband and I ate here for the first time for lunch one afternoon.  I was very impressed by the food and the great price of the food.  I absolutely love the bread they have with garlic butter....yum.  The entrees were delicious!  I fell in love with this place and will definitely be back again many more times.  Thank you!

- Angie Laney


Just Love Pasta Max. The food is always fresh and I have never gotten a bad meal.  What a treat for Henry County!  Keep it up.

- Cameron McBroom









































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