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                                  Kid's Menu                                                     Create your own Pizza 

Hugemongous Pizza                                       $7.00

One grownup size cheezy pizza so yummy you will squeal with delight. Served with your choice of beverage.  


Super Duper Spaghetti Special      $7.00

On top of soaghetti sits the most wonderful meat sauce.So yummy 

even mom will want some. Served with beverage.

Lasagna                                        $7.00

The best you will ever have.Served with a beverage

Fettuccini                                      $7.00

With herbed Alfredo Sauce.Served with a beverage.

Ravioli                                          $7.00

Simply fabulous.Served with a beverage.

Chicken Fingers                   $7.00

Served with fries.

Beverages selection: Sprite- Coke- Diet coke- Hi-C- 

Iced Tea- Hot Tea- Hot Chocolate


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